Spark Plug Kit VORTEC 5.7L AUTOLITE RP030008

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Spark Plug Kit Vortec 5.7L AUTOLITE RP030008:

  • Fits: Vortec 5.7 
  • GM Vortec 300+ HP (Rep. MR43LTS) Includes 8.
  • The Vortec engines have the intake manifold bolts installed going straight down non Vortec bolts are angled.
  • PLUG GAP .045. but if using with HVS ignition .060 is recommended.
SPARK PLUGS Recommended by the manufacturers for optimum performance, these spark plugs are the correct heat range for your marine engine. This Autolite plug set crosses to the MR43LTS.
Bin Number (ISBN): 22105